Here are a few frequently asked questions:

1. What type of editing services does For the Love of Words provide?

For the Love of Words provides copyediting, line editing, and content editing.

2. What types of writing projects can I submit?

Writers can submit original academic and non-academic works to be reviewed. These include research papers, resumes, prose, and poetry. Because our business considers integrity crucial, writers are not allowed to submit another writer’s work as their own.

3. What is the turnaround time for editing?

The turnaround time varies, depending on the length of the project. Typically for works composed of ten pages or less, the turnaround time is a week. However, larger documents may have a turnaround time of two weeks to two months, depending on the requirements for the project and commitment needed from the writing consultant.

4. Can I request a specific turnaround time?

Yes. A writing consultant will inform clients of the turnaround time during the initial price quote. Clients are welcome to request a specific time frame, and the writing consultant will discuss the feasibility. Clients should be aware that the length of the document will determine the
turnaround. If a client requests a turnaround time of one or less for an editing project, a $15 rush fee will be applied to the total balance.

5. Is there are a limit to the number of times I can meet with a writing consultant?

The number of times a client meets with a consultant depends on the availability and mutual agreement of the writing consultant and client. However, there may be a fee associated with multiple meetings, as these meetings may be similar to consultations.

6. What does a consultation entail?

A consultation involves providing in-depth suggestions or feedback about a client’s work either before or during the editing process. These sessions, separate from initial meetings, may be one-time or ongoing conferences, about the client’s work.

7. If I do not live in the NC Triangle area, can I still receive editing/consulting/services?

Yes, please contact by email fortheloveofwordsonline1@gmail.com or submit request here

8. Can the company provide samples of previous work?

Yes. Please contact For the Love of Words for authorized client samples.

9. Who is your clientele?

Our clientele includes students, professionals, and community members. We have assisted published authors, authors seeking publication, and writers seeking professional advancement.

10. For what ages is tutoring available, and what types of tutoring can I expect?

Tutoring is available for ages five and up. For the Love of Words assist with English/language arts, with a specific focus on the writing process, reading comprehending, and grammar.