For the Love of Words

Brief Biography

LaKela Atkinson is the sole proprietor of For the Love of Words based in Durham, NC. She earned her BA (2007) and MA (2010) degrees in English from North Carolina Central University in Durham. With over ten years of writing experience, Atkinson has worked as a student copyeditor for NCCU’s Campus Echo newspaper, as well as a graduate writing consultant for NCCU’s Writing Studio. She has taught as an adjunct English instructor at Louisburg College in Louisburg, NC, conducted writing workshops and assessments, and presented at several local and national writing conferences, including the Southeastern Writing Center Association (SWCA) Conferences. In 2012, she received the North Carolina Professional Tutor of the Year/Consultant of the Year Award for the first North Carolina Writing Center Network (NCWCN) and Southeastern Association Statewide Conference. Currently, Atkinson is a professional writing consultant in NCCU’s Writing Studio. She credits her family and academic and professional mentors for inspiring, encouraging, and challenging her to become the dedicated and dynamic writer and lover of writing that she is.


For the Love of Words is a small business established in 2008 in Cary, NC by LaKela Atkinson. While she was in graduate school working as a writing consultant at her campus’s writer center, Atkinson was consistently approached about providing services beyond the writing center. Acknowledging a need for editing services for her peers, Atkinson began her small business “hustle” and was able to earn additional income by editing and tutoring in writing—both natural to her because of her background in English. With more experience and clientele, her business has expanded to instructors, professionals, and community members all over the United States. Atkinson continues to explore ways to grow her business and improve literacy in and around her community.